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Organizational Tips for Agents at Tax Time

Organizational Tips for Agents at Tax Time

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Tax time can be a stressful time of year, especially for self-employed individuals, like real estate agents. Unlike traditional employees, who have their taxes automatically withheld, self-employment taxes can take a lot more time and paperwork to get correct. 

However, with some simple preparations and attention to detail, April 15th doesn’t have to be a day you dread! Here are our top tips to tackle tax time! 

Find an accountant: Your number one ally come tax time is a trustworthy and experienced tax accountant. Professional tax advice can help you make sure you’re not underpaying your taxes or missing out on some helpful deductions.

Track expenses and deductions: It can be tedious tracking your expenses, but having an accurate and detailed log of your business expenses can help you tremendously during tax season. Just a few minutes out of each day dedicated to expense tracking is all it takes to stay organized. 

Stay organized: Your desk, car, and kitchen table can easily become overwhelmed by all the paperwork you deal with every day. Stay ahead of the clutter by keeping up with your organization! Set up a simple and secure filing system and put any important documents away as soon as possible. Old shopping lists and flyers can be thrown away immediately. 

Digitize: For some people, taking their finances paperless is the easiest way to stay organized. Tools like Notion and Shoeboxed are perfect for assisting small businesses in keeping their digital lives organized. Make sure that all your documents are properly labeled and in a secure, easily accessible space on your computer.

Set up quarterly payments: The IRS offers quarterly payment options for self-employed individuals, so if you find yourself overwhelmed every April with the amount of taxes you’ll be paying, this is a great option to consider. 

Tax season doesn’t have to be scary. With just a bit of practice and planning, you can stay organized all year long, maximize your tax deductions, and spend less time on paperwork, and more time where you want to be – helping your client! 


Always check with your tax professional before making any financial decisions and for allowable deductions. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Equitable Title does not promote or endorse any product that may be mentioned.